Stockhome Mobile Trading Platform

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Stockhome iOS and Android platforms give you the freedom and flexibility that you need to trade effectively on today’s financial markets. When you’re a mobile trader, there’s no need to compromise on your trading schedule or trading opportunities.

Receive price alerts and trading signals and invest wherever you are and whenever you choose to.

The Stockhome platforms downscale perfectly to smaller mobile screens with no loss of functionality or performance. You can also carry out full account management, including secure deposits and withdrawals.


With the advancement in technology nowadays, there are apps for everything.

The trend has also since been adopted and incorporated in the finance industry as well since it has proved to be amazingly effective and efficient for the forex traders.

You can manage all your investments, budget and most importantly even forex trades through using the various apps available.

Forex applications, especially for Android phones and iPhones, have increased in popularity over the past years. These apps help you and make it easy for the forex traders to analyze currencies, access real-time data and place orders of trades any time of the day from anywhere. Most of these forex trading apps can be easily accessed by downloading them in their respective app stores.

The good news also is they can be used on various hardware devices. The availability of these different financial apps in the market has proliferated recently making it much easier than before to get any real-time updates on forex and making it very convenient since traders can trade from the comfort of their home or on the road.

The major currencies pairs in Trading industry are extremely volatile, active, and event-driven making them vulnerable to any economic news announcement that could occur within a regular 24-hour trading day. The experienced and active currency traders usually like being able to access chats, quotes, market news and their trading accounts from anywhere and at their fingertips all the time. This is the major reason the software applications have become extremely popular among forex traders.

Benefits if the Stockhome Mobile Trading application

The Stockhome Mobile App offers a direct and simplified trading interface which allows a trader to open and close their positions. The assets available through the app are the same CFD asset available on the desktop & Webtrader

Additionally, you are able to monitor the forex market activity, access your account dashboard, as well as process deposit and withdraws all through the use of our app.

  • Superfast execution with high end servers at multiple co-location centers.
  • A user-friendly yet highly advanced and intuitive platform
  • Ability to zoom in for more details
  • Manage different charts and advanced features
  • Real time price quotes
  • Balance status to remain updated of your account’s balance at any given time
  • Highly Secure

The Stockhome Mobile app is specifically designed to be intuitive and having no learning curve.

It’s holds with a variety of preset technical indicators and drawing tools ready to use

Trade where ever you want, all you need is the internet connection and you are good to go.