Stockhome Forex Trading

What is Forex?

Forex trading dominates the world’s financial markets. The currency market is highly volatile and dynamic, achieving daily volumes of trillions of dollars. The majority of trading is carried out by big institutional investors like national banks and major funds, but individual private investors are accounting for a larger share of the global forex market every year.

The Stockhome platform connects you directly to the markets and gives you leveraged exposure to all of the world’s leading currencies.

The basic principles of currency trading

Currency trading is like any other form of transaction. The goal is to buy a currency at a low rate and sell it at a high rate.

For example:

You decided to buy $250 for your next US vacation with your euros. After a week, you exchange the dollars back to euros, and make a profit of $75.

How did you do it?

When you first bought the $250 a week ago, the EUR/USD exchange rate was 0.9 EUR. After you came back from your trip, the EUR/USD exchange rate was 1.2 EUR. This 0.3 gap in exchange rates is what credited you with $75. And in other words: you bought dollars at a low rate and sold them back at a higher rate.

In case the rate drops, goes against you, you may lose part or all of your invested capital. You may consider limiting your losses by setting up a Stop Loss order.

Exchange Rates

It’s the continual fluctuations in exchange rates – and the inherent volatility of the forex market – that makes it possible to profit from currency trading. To trade effectively you have to understand the basics of fundamental analysis and all the diverse factors that affect the relative value of currencies.

The strength of a country’s currency is a good indicator of that country’s economic health. The value of the currency will be immediately affected by government policy changes, global events or disasters, as well as economic events like employment figures and changes to the interest rate. If you can identify these factors and predict their effect on the markets, you can open profitable positions on dozens of currencies.

Enjoy Low Cost Investing on the Global Forex Market

Stockhome offers all traders low-cost commission free investing. There are no hidden fees or service charges. Instead, we offer highly competitive fixed spreads on dozens of the world’s major currencies. The investment process is completely transparent and allows hands on account management.

Trade Forex as Contracts for Difference – CFDs

Contracts for Difference or CFDs are a convenient modern investment product that gives you leveraged exposure to forex, without actually purchasing any foreign currencies. You can make fast investments, with full risk management, and restricted liabilities. To learn more about the advantages of CFDs click here.

These are Stockhome most popular forex assets:


Open Leveraged CFD Trades on Forex

Stockhome traders can use up to x300 leverage to boost their initial investments and gain a high level of market exposure. Leverage enables you to aim for significant profits while utilizing modest investment capital.

Advantages of Trading Forex at Stockhome

The Stockhome platform contains a full suite of risk management tools. Our ‘set and forget’ stop loss, take profit and order entry features allow you to let your open positions run without the need to continually monitor them.

Stockhome gives you the freedom to trade and live your day to day life.

Who Can Trade Forex?

Online Forex trading is already a highly popular form of investment with millions of traders worldwide. Almost anybody can trade Forex if they are willing to apply the basic principles of risk management.

Many of Stockhome top investors signed up as absolute beginners with no experience of the financial markets. They used the Education Center and free Demo Account to master the basics of Forex trading. Forex traders range from novice investors who trade part time, to expert investors who manage complex personal portfolios on a full-time basis.

The Stockhome platform gives you the freedom to set your own financial goals and manage your own investments.